Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fujifilm FinePix F100fd

Is the answer!

I've been thinking of getting a new point-and-shoot for quite a while now because being gadget-incompatible, that's all I can handle.

But as usual, I procrastinated.

Thanks to my duty as a responsible elder sister *raises eyebrows*, I finally got around to picking out this bad boy for myself while shopping for a new camera for Allan.

I actually wanted a Sony Cybershot for the sleek and stylish design, but after reading this review that voted Fujifilm FinePix F100fd as the overall winner in the "premium compact" category, I was sold.

I guess I can live with a chunkier camera with boring colour and design if it compensates in better quality of photo. I'm not as vain as you thought I am afterall, am I? Hehe.


The Fujifilm FinePix F100fd only comes in silver and black. And (of course), we picked black since Bee hates pretty much anything silver.

I should also add that this bad boy feels really solid and well built, which is one of the things I like about it. I absolutely hate how cheap-looking and "plasticky" some cameras are, if you know what I mean.

By the way, these pictures were taken with our old trusty Nikon.

As usual, my excitement for my new purchases was short-lived and only lasted till I got home. I guess I only enjoy the process of buying it, instead of appreciating or using the actual product?

That sounded really bad, I know.

My new toy is still safely tucked away in its original packaging somewhere in the room. I haven't even bothered to test it out yet. @_@

If it makes it better, I did actually charge its battery though. :P

12 left a petal:

emotionalistic said...

You should actually try it out and see if anything goes wrong within the warranty period :P.

sdovelly said...

haha..did anyone win the guessing game?

Josephine said...

Guess wrongly tim...

xin said...

i guessed correctly!

^5 for fuji!!!

KY said...

very good choice! :D

Doreen said...

Oh guess I was wrong then. Canon still the best! Hahaha

Agree with emotionalistic. You should try it out and see if there is any issue.

fuzkittie said...

I guessed wrong... hahaha. I'm too vain! xD

iamthewitch said...

Ooh I guess I really over-estimated your vanity. :P *LOL* I'd definitely go for better quality instead of better outlook. :) How much was the camera??

MisSmall said...

Emotionalistic: I should I should, when I get the lazy bugs outta my system. :P

Sdovelly: Yes, but only two though. Haha.

Josephine: If it's any consolation, the sweet colour of Canon was indeed very misleading. Hehe.

Xin: High five! Hehe. Do you use a Fuji too?

MisSmall said...

KY: Thanks. ^_^

Doreen: Actually I wouldn't know how to use more than half of the functions, so even if there's anything wrong with it, I wouldn't know. >_<

Fuzkittie: Haha. You made it sound like a bad thing. ^_^

Iamthewitch: The RRP was RM1399, but it was on special offer for RM999! :D

NickTay said...

Fuji makes the best cameras, it doesn't get enough recognition, but it really rocks. I own 2 fuji cameras!

MisSmall said...

NickTay: I have to admit that prior to this, I didn't think much of cameras by Fuji either. But here's hoping that from now on, my new Fuji and I are gonna have heaps of fun time together. ^_^