Thursday, February 05, 2009

Leaving Swan City

I'm heading back to KL later in the evening.

No matter how much "practice" you've had, it never gets easier to leave home and family.

I can see that my parents and brothers are sad about me leaving, but they're trying hard not to show it.

So am I.

Even though we are all used to me living away from home all these years, I guess one can never get used to parting with family.

I still haven't packed my luggage yet. It's becoming a habit of mine to procrastinate that task till the very last minute.

And I still remember the days when I used to start packing long before my travel date. It's funny how people change as we grow up huh?

Going out with mum and brothers in a bit to buy the butter pastry thingy Bee likes a lot from this little stall near my parents' office, and then, hopefully, squeeze in an hour or two to do some last minute catching up with Sam before I leave.

Did I mention that it's still raining here in Swan City?

Oh such gloominess.