Sunday, February 22, 2009

Workshop + Bakuteh

It started off as another productive Sunday.

Well, so I hoped.

I had to attend a workshop for my secret project early in the morning, which signifies the last step of phase 1. If everything goes well, I'm hoping to kickstart phase 2 sometime next week. Woot!

In true Malaysian manner, the workshop started almost an hour later than scheduled; and of course, ended much later as well. Something about Malaysian and being on time that just don't go well together. :/

Despite being expectedly boring and uninteresting, the workshop went alright. Time still crawled, but at the very least, we were given a chance to have a short hands-on exercise which provided a brief glimpse of phase 2.

Or maybe I'm just glad to have finally completed part 1 and be able to move on to part 2 soon? Oh the tedious process of something so simple!

Bee picked me up at 4pm, and we stopped by Subway on the way home for takeaway sandwiches as I was starving!

We both fell asleep after our late lunch since neither of us got enough sleep the night before, only to be woken up later in the evening by a phone call from Bee's mum which spelled trouble. I'm sensing a long night of dramas ahead. :|

Bridget is coming over to pick me up for dinner soon. I'm thinking bakuteh?

Nothing calms your nerves better than a hot bowl of herbal soup, and boy do I need it now!

7 left a petal:

iamthewitch said...

Whoa bakuteh! Perfect for dinner these days. It's been pouring almost daily during the evenings! Hope things went well with Bee's mom!

xin said...

bkt for the win! the sinful herbal soup always calm me down too. :p

sab said...

being on time and the Philippines don't go well together too. haha!

Josephine said...

MY favorite food!

I think I like all soupy food...
Especially rainy days...

emotionalistic said...

Actually I was thinking to have Bak Kut Teh yesterday but not many nice ones in Penang. I really miss the smell of the herbal soup.

MisSmall said...

Iamthewitch: I know! There's just something really comforting about drinking a bowl of hot soup on a rainy day huh? :)

Xin: I wasn't even hungry when I left home for dinner, but my stomach started growling as soon as I stepped into the restaurant because of the herbal smell in the air. Hehe.

Sab: I think the same applies to all South East Asians. Haha.

MisSmall said...

Josephine: Me too me too! I'm a big fan of soups, can't go more than a week without them. :D

Emotionalistic: Ooo..that's surprising. I thought Penang is a food heaven? How about if you just make do with the not-so-nice ones for now and get your real fix on your next trip back to KL? ^_^