Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Productive Sunday

Knowing me, this doesn't happen very often. Sundays are best spent sleeping in and lazing around doing nothing at all, no?

But today, I had to wake up early to attend a theory class I had signed up for at 9am.

Bee sent me to the center and waited for me to get signed in. While waiting for my class to start, he jokingly said that he can't believe he's dropping his wife off for ******* school.

Well, honey, I can't believe I'm only doing this at my age either, so........

Time started crawling once Bee left and the class began. It's been a while since I had to sit in a classroom, it was SO hard to concentrate! My mind kept wandering off to who-knows-where, and I was looking at the clock every 30 seconds waiting for lunch break or for the class to be over. It kinda reminded me of my first day in college. Haha.

When the class finally finished at nearly 4pm, I couldn't contain my joy as I ran towards Bee's car waiting for me at the parking lot. That must be how kindies feel like when the parents pick them up from first day at pre-school huh?

Bee took me to a quick lunch as I was running late for my facial appointment. Boy did I need some pampering after the long morning!

It was nearly 7pm when I stepped out of Leonard Drake with glowing skin, relaxed muscles, and a bounce in my step. It certainly feels great to be rewarded after hard work, innit? Haha.

On the way home, I popped by the weekend bazaar at Mont Kiara in hope to score some bargains. Alas, it was getting late and most stalls either had left or were packing up already. :(

BUT, I still managed to pick up a pair of brown peep-toe pumps for RM20! They were the last pair left and 2 sizes too big, but I just had to get it because of the crazy price and to mark my (very brief) first visit to a flea market in Malaysia.

The day was concluded with dinner over at Bee's parents' place. Not without a quick shower at home first though, I was all sweaty and sticky no thanks to the heat and humidity. This stupid tropical weather is really getting on my nerves!

And now, some pictures of my new pair of heels. You like? ^_^

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fuzkittie said...

Oooo glowy skin is good! :D Nice heels, sexy yet understated, I like!

emotionalistic said...

Glad you had fun on your first day in school. So meaning you'll have more productive Sundays to come until you completed your course right? Cant wait till you reveal your little secret to us :P.

Che-Cheh said...

Nice heels!

Aiyooo... what course are you taking ar? It's killing me. My guess is language class but I don't think it's right.

Doreen said...

2 sizes too big? How are you gonna wear it?

sab said...

i love the heels! but what about the fit? 2 sizes too big? i hope you can still walk on them with ease hun. :)

iamthewitch said...

Those heels are gorgeous! But are you sure you can walk comfortably seeing the size is too big? And I know what you mean about the classes! At least you didn't fall asleep! I had to go for my part time masters classes after work last time, and I was really THIS close to bringing my pillow there. LOL

sdovelly said...

since all comment boxes are being disable, i gotta side-track abit here- GET WELL SOON YA!!! and do enjoy your sisters gang trip to Bangkok!

Lila said...

I like the heels! Very pretty and elegant. You should have taken pictures with you wearing them. :)

prettybeautiful said...

i m so so addicted to facials now too (money is the only thing holding me back frm going more frequently). love the peep toes, but how are u going to wear it with 2 sizes bigger?

sab said...

just wanna give you a hug!

fuzkittie said...

Hi girl! How are you feeling? I hope you're ok.. :]

What kind of powder do you use? And how do you apply it? do you use a puff or a brush?

It could just be the powder, or it could be you applied too much - happens easily when you use a puff to apply powder..

MisSmall said...

Fuzkittie: It is it is, but too bad I only get healthy and glowing skin after intensive facial treatments. And even then, the effect doesn't last long. :(

Emotionalistic: Thanks, gal. But no, not necessarily only Sundays. I'm not saying more. :x

Che-Cheh: Hehe. No, it's not a language class, but something much MUCH more common than that. That's all I'm telling for now. :P

MisSmall said...

Doreen & Sab: The heels are size 37, but they feel more like size 36? I'm normally a size 35, so I'm hoping that the problem can be easily fixed by a pair of insoles (or two). If not, I might just give them away. They were just too cheap for me to resist! >_<

Iamthewitch: Trust me, I was THIS close to falling asleep! And some of the people in my class actually did. lol

Sdovelly: Thanks, darl. :)

Lila: My feet were too shy to make an appearance since I'm long overdue for a pedicure. Hehe.

MisSmall said...

Prettybeautiful: Us gals need some pampering every now and then, so it's worth it. Try signing up for a package if you're happy with the service at your beauty saloon? Usually that saves you a fair bit, and you only have to endure the "heartache" once. Hehe.

Sab: Aww, thanks sweetie! I needed a hug too. :( *Hugs*

Fuzkittie: Thanks, hun. I'm feeling much better now. :)

I use mostly pressed powders (which could be the problem?) because loose powders just get too messy for me, and I apply them with a powder brush. I'm normally really light-handed with them, but still end up getting that "powdery" look. But you're right, it could just be the powder or my technique, I should really give loose powder another go sometime.