Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've been feeling extremely irritable lately.

My fragile emotional state plays a big part, I admit, but the scorching weather in KL isn't exactly helping either! It's been so hot that I feel like I'm gonna burst into spontaneous combustion any time now.

Does anyone else find themselves easily angered and increasingly impatient when it's hot?

I hate heat and humidity. I hate heat and humidity. I hate Malaysia heat and humidity!

I really shouldn't be complaining, seeing how terrible the situation of bushfires in Victoria is. Whinging about the heat in Malaysia while sitting in a 24/7 air-conditioned room made me sound like a truly ungrateful biatch. :x

Moving on.

Bee's annoying Canadian friend is leaving the country today, after continuously haunting our lives and successfully causing numerous arguments between us for slightly over a month. Thanks a lot, mate, you've been great! Really, it was ggggrrrrr....eeeaaatttt having you around! *Both thumbs up*

Does anyone else argue with your partner over his/her friends too?

(Please say yes so I don't seem like such a psycho bitch.)

I'm getting annoyed just from mentioning him, so I'm signing off to get myself a huge cup of iced tea.

Stay cool, people.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, you are not alone - I've got the same problem with my partner's friend - but it's the gf of the friend. Plus they live in the same city we do so they're around all the time!

Tine said...

Oh yeah, I get very "mang chang" when it's hot and humid. That's why I always say that I can tahan the cold, but not the heat. It makes me very irritable and during those times, I cannot be touched. Tsk tsk.

As for annoying friends of partner's, oh yeah. There were a few which really got to me when I first got here, and I really hated going out with them. As time went on, I got used to them, so we're okay now.

But now there's ANOTHER one of his friends whom I just cannot tahan. The bugger's turning my husband into a bloody Ah Beng. @#$@#!@#!@#.

So no, you're definitely not the only one facing this :)

sdovelly said...

it has been raining all night long during weekends. hope you'll feel much cooler...:)nah, we hardly argue over his frens, coz i'm just being ignorant afterall.

fuzkittie said...

Haha I get annoyed by his friends too! I just keep making fun of them, and he ends up agreeing with me.. ahahaha

iamthewitch said...

Oh this heat is really getting to me. Just yesterday alone, I was under the scorching heat for only 15 minutes but I was just so irritated! Thankfully, it rained heavily at night, so that kind of cooled me down. I wish there are 4 seasons in Malaysia!

Josephine said...

Super Hot in KL...
Driving under the hot sun is like being BBQ in the oven

Doreen said...

Oh yes, I become very grumpy when it is hot. I think my blood boiling point is pretty low. LOL

Er....I don't have any problem with my partner's friends only he himself got problems with a few of them. LOL When that happens, I just moan and complain along with him. Hahahahaha

Lilac said...

Same here, I get very impatient when the weather is hot. I dislike most of my partner's friends. He didn't agree with me before but he is starting to see now, so it's good.

MisSmall said...

Anonymous: Oh trust me, there are others who annoy me to no end AND live in the same city with us as well. Sometimes I wonder how did he manage to gather so many trashy friends?! *Rolls eyes*

And the (not so) funny thing is, this Canadian friend actually plans to move closer to us in the near future, if not the same city. Now that's just G.R.E.A.T! *Double rolls eyes*

Tine: Me too me too! It's bad enough that it's hot, but the humidity just has to add insult to injury! Aaarrgghhh!

I think the most important thing and most effective way to diffuse situations like these is the husband's attitude. More often than not, we girls are willing to suck it up and *coughs* pretends to *coughs* be nice if the husband sets his priority right, no? :)

MisSmall said...

Sdovelly: Yes hun, the rain did make me feel better. MUCH better! ^_^

Fuzkittie: If only that works on Mr T. :/

MisSmall said...

Iamthewitch: I know what you mean, gal. Then at least we have other seasons to look forward to huh? Unlike now, we just feel trapped in this ridiculous heat and humidity all year round. :/

Josephine: And the traffic jam!! Again, adding insult to injury. *Sighs*

MisSmall said...

Doreen: Haha. I can SO relate to the low blood boiling point bit!

The thing about men is, they might moan and complain about their friends, but the moment you start criticizing the same people, it triggers off their automatic mechanism to defend them. :/

Lilac: Well, at least he's coming around to agreeing with you now. I wish I could say the same. *Sighs*