Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Retail Therapy

What is it about shopping that is so therapeutic, even when you're buying things for others?

*Coughs* Yes, that was the shopaholic in me speaking. *Coughs*

(No, I did not buy more shoes.)

Been running errands in KL for my brother before he transits here to return to Oz. Amazingly, it's improved my mood tremendously.

And these are the shopping bags I came home with:

A new phone and camera for Allan; and a new camera for myself!

You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to track down the Samsung SGH-J800 that Allan wanted for him. It's out of stock everywhere (for whatever reason)!

I called at least 15 phone shops before finally located an unit at the Samsung Prime Partner in Mid Valley, and it was their last one too. So of course, I had to rush down immediately to grab it before they run out as well.

And can you guess which of the two cameras is mine?

The Canon IXUS 80 IS? Or the Fujifilm FinePix F100fd?

Answer will be revealed tomorrow. ^_^

(Yes, I'm feeling lame. :|)

12 left a petal:

Doreen said...

I say Canon IXUS. More for a gal? I got the exact same model too 6 months ago but in brown. Loving it!

Che-Cheh said...

Yes I think yours is Canon IXUS. Hehe

iamthewitch said...

I think Canon IXUS too! :)

emotionalistic said...

I'm guessing the Canon IXUS 80 IS is yours?

sdovelly said...

at least it makes u feel better :)

Josephine said...

Canon IXUS?? more girlie...

renaye said...

i would like to have shopping therapy too but it burns a very big hole in my pocket so i opt for a cheaper option: sleeping. :D

fuzkittie said...

Canon!! Haha..

Niiice haul!!

xin said...

i say fuji :P

shirley said...

I like the wide screen on Fuji so I'll say Fuji!! Haha... Do i get a prize if i get it right? =P
Hope you are feeling better... *HUGS*

MisSmall said...

Doreen: We would have preferred chocolate for the Canon IXUS too, but they ran out. So we opted for caramel instead. :)

Che-Cheh & Iamthewitch & Emotionalistic: Nope. Haha. But it did seem like the obvious answer because of the colour huh? Tricky tricky me. Haha.

Sdovelly: Retail therapy rocks! Until you bother to calculate the damage. :|

MisSmall said...

Josephine: I guess I'm not that girly afterall. Haha.

Renaye: Oh trust me, I tried that too. Didn't work this time, so I had to call in the big gun. :P

Fuzkittie: You too? Haha.

Xin & Shirley: Woot, finally! :D
Too bad there were no prizes huh? How about a group hug instead? ^_^