Friday, February 13, 2009

More Plane Tickets

Last night, Bee booked me tickets to go back to Swan City for a week in early March.

It's funny how I was doing fine staying put in KL and not going back to my little hometown for months last year, but now that we've confirmed a date for me to return to Melbourne in April, homesickness strikes all of a sudden. I miss my family so much that it just doesn't feel right heading back to Oz without paying them another visit.

It's a pity though that I can't stay longer because of the course I had just signed up for. And I'm gonna miss spending time with my sweet husband while I'm there.

Arrgghh! Why can't everyone just be in the same place at any given time?! *Sighs*

Then, I was woken up by phone calls from Jean this morning.

2 hours later, we were booked on a weekend trip to Bangkok later in March. Just us girls - Bridget, Jean, Sam and I.

It's gonna be just like a mini high school reunion, or a sleepover for grown ups! Lots of girl talks, shopping, gossiping, pigging out, and craziness.

I'm excited about the trip, I am. We've been leading such different lives since high school and this would be a fantastic opportunity for the four of us to catch up. Besides, I look forward to recharge more positive energy from Sam and the girls.

Except that I know I'm gonna be missing Bee terribly. And going away for another weekend means one less weekend for us to spend together before I leave for Melbourne. *Sobs sobs*

Oh well, I'll just have to see it as a getaway holiday for me to unwind and clear my mind. Hopefully, it will do my clouded head some good.

Well, I guess there really isn't much point to unpack then?

7 left a petal:

Che-Cheh said...

Wow... you're having a hectic few months.

Being apart will make you love that person more.

When will Bee join you in Melbourne?

denise said...

Gee, you made my life look so dull. Hehe:) Anyways, take more great photos to share with your readers

Josephine said...

Only girls trip..... good

Guess what? I am going for so called honeymoon with my in laws.....


xin said...

looks like march will be a flying month for u, have a great trip in bangkok, and share whatever time u have with family before u fly off again :)

emotionalistic said...

lol. Enjoy your girls outing and have fun! Take more pictures :).

MisSmall said...

Che-Cheh: He most likely will only come over to visit, but not to stay for long term. Which means I'll be in Melbourne all by myself again. *Sobs sobs*

Denise: I've been too lazy to even lift up my camera. *Hides head in shame*

Josephine: What?! Why?

MisSmall said...

Xin: It makes me sad just thinking about going back to Melbourne all by myself and being so far away from everyone. *Sighs*

Emotionalistic: *Clears throat* There's just this one thing though, my photography skills suck! And we'll probably be too dazzled by the cheap shopping in Bangkok and forget all about taking pictures. Haha.