Saturday, February 11, 2006

Back to Work

Well, not really.

An ex colleague's boyfriend asked if I could fill in for a day, so I went.

The first day back to work is alway awful. My body had gotten used to sleeping in till noon and lazing around for most of the day. It was like an old engine that hasn't been used for quite a while and needed to be oiled.

Luckily it was a Saturday and we weren't too busy. He mainly wanted me to focus on their nursing homes, so I got to sit at the back and take my own sweet time.

As easy as it was, it's a boring and tedious job though. I started to lose concentration and nearly dozed off after 4 hours.

Before I left, they jokingly asked if I would accept a job offer from them. I didn't know what to say, so I chuckled uneasily.

"Oh, that pretty much answered our question." They laughed.

The location of the place isn't too bad, it's very convenient to get to. I'm just not sure whether I wanna deal with nursing homes so early in my career.

I guess Wen and I are rather picky when it comes to our new job.

Maybe we shouldn't be, but we do have a reason to though. It's miserable to be stuck doing a job that you don't enjoy at all. I should know.

But maybe it's "working" itself that we don't like? Maybe we should just get married and become two tai-tai's whose lives are all about high teas and luncheons.


Oh well. I'll worry about it later. First thing first, I need a holiday.

Bee's family and relatives are going to Shanghai and a few other places in China. They asked whether I wanna tag along.

Hmm. Should I?