Sunday, February 12, 2006

Quiet Day In

I've been going out everyday since I finished my exam.

I'm not the kind of person who just has to go out.

Wen, for one, is the type that can't sit at home. She gets real bored and feels the need to do something, anything at all. I envy her energy, but I can never be that person.

I value my private time at home very much. I need lots of quiet alone time to spend with myself, usually not doing much at all. I get edgy and uncomfortable if I don't get my dose of ME time every now and then.

So today, I told everyone that I wasn't feeling well and needed to stay in.

I switched off my phone, and spent the whole day watching House on DVDs, munching on junk food and taking naps.

Now I'm recharged and ready to go again. :D

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Daddy Nick said...

so many posts at the same time! i'm relieved that you passed, sounded like the end of the world for you these few weeks.

are you heading back to the swan city for celebration, or off you go to china?

MisSmall said...

It really did feel like end of the world. I'm just glad that it's over now. :)

I'm not sure what's gonna happen yet. I'll most probably drop by KL for a few weeks, and then back to swan city for another few weeks, and then back to KL, and then back to swan city again. Haha!

Daddy Nick said...

pls snap photos of swan city when you're there. i've never been there, but heard that the swan statue is ugly - ok, maybe more good looking than the cat statues(at the cat city) and the sea horse statues (at the sea horse city) ...

sounds like fun!

MisSmall said...

Daddy Nick: It IS ugly! Where is seahorse city by the way? Oh, guess where pineapple city is? :P

Daddy Nick said...

have u been tagged before? if not, they you're tagged!

erm ... pineapple city = jb or bukit nanas in KL ;-P

btw, sea horse city = miri

and guess where's mouse city ;)

MisSmall said...

Haha. Wrong, pineapple city is Sarikei, a small town near swan city.

Is there a mouse city? It's definitely nowhere near Kuching then? :P

I'm finding it difficult to do the tag. I need more time. :P

Daddy Nick said...

darn, i was think way too far (from sibu & kuching). totally forgotten about sarikei.

if you don't know about mouse city (pulau tikus), then you should know where smelly city is!

since you're so free now, don't sleep and finish up the meme! next blog topic!

MisSmall said...

Daddy Nick: Where is smelly city?