Tuesday, February 07, 2006

De Ja Vu

This morning, I called Bee at 6.30am my time.

I needed a sane voice to calm me down. I couldn't study and I couldn't sleep, and I had 30 minutes to kill before I had to go to the airport. I was like an ant on hot pan.

While on the phone, I tried on different outfits. Vanity was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted something that I could breath and feel comfortable in. I was NOT feeling good.

I ended up wearing my black Sass & Bide Misfit skinny jeans, the same pair that I wore to my first Board exam. I guess I was too tired to give a damn.

And this cute little baby doll, low V neck top in black and white, with a white ribbon on it. Oh, and my grey cropped jacket, which I wore last time too. It's obvious that I threw all superstition outta the window at times like this.

I wasn't dressed for the occasion, but they're not gonna fail me for dressing inappropriately.

I called the cab at 7.00am. By the time I got downstairs at 7.03am, the driver was already waiting. That's one of the perks of staying in the city, there'll always be cabs within 1 block radius of your building.

The drive to the airport was numbing, I nearly fell asleep. It was a cold day, the sky was grey, great day to sleep in.

I checked in immediately when I got to the airport, bought myself a bottle of mineral water, and sat down in the waiting lounge.

The flight was delayed again, just like last time. It felt like de ja vu all over.

The flight felt longer than it usually is. My stomach was hurting, I took a few antacids and it still didn't help. I was irritated and impatient, I couldn't sit still. I felt like I was gonna throw up anytime.

We finally touched down at Apple Isle. It was chilly when we got outta the plane. The wind was crazy and the sky looked like it was gonna rain anytime. I sure was glad that I brought along my wool pashmina.

I sat in the airport for quite a while, staring into nothing.

We had to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. I had calculated time for the journey so that I'll get there just on time. I didn't wanna go to the Board office too early, that place stresses me out.

Another cab ride, and I arrived at the same office that I sat for the same exam 3 months ago.

The receptionist asked me to sit and wait because the previous candidate had not finished yet. Sitting there waiting, I was having palpitations, shortness of breath and cold extremities. It wasn't a good feeling, I assure you.

Wan came out from the exam room at 10.55am, we talked for a bit, and then it was my turn.

This time, my examiners were Mr. P and Mrs. W.

The whole process went pretty smoothly, although I did have a mind block halfway through.

I just went totally blank, and couldn't recall anything. The examiners were very understanding, they gave me a few minutes to recollect myself and some tips to jump start my brain cells. It worked, thank God!

My exam started at 11am. An hour into the exam, they ran out of questions to ask me.

We managed to drag it on for another half an hour with some random topics and scenarios here and there. At 12.30pm, they decided that they were happy to call it a day. We made small talk for another 10 minutes or so, and I walked out of the Board room 20 minutes earlier.

It's either they had made up their mind to pass me, or they were pretty sure they're gonna fail me. I said a little prayer that it was the former.

I had lunch with Wan at Mummys Cafe. Wan wanted the chicken burger and I ordered the big breakky. Bacon, eggs, sausage, hash brown, mushrooms, and toast. My appetite was surprisingly good.

After lunch, we went to visit Qi. Her exam was scheduled at 4pm, so we thought we would cheer her up a bit before that.

It's always good catching up with old friends, reminded me of those carefree days back in uni.

After Qi went to her exam, it was time for me to go to the airport too. This whole day had gone by really fast, (though it didn't feel fast at all in the morning).

On the flight back to Melbourne, I sat next to these two Taiwanese middle-aged men. The whole time, they were talking and swearing in Taiwanese (something similar to Hokkien).

I mean, seriously, there were foul words in every single sentences. In fact, the foul words made up most of their sentences. What's with that? You can't form a proper sentence without involving someone else's or your mum's vagina? Geez.

I've always been very offended by people swearing in dialects (I'm perfectly fine with foul words in English though), so you can understand my agony. I had the urge to slap them to shut them up, and I was THIS close to doing it.

I met up with Wen and Al for dinner at Lygon after I got back to the city. I was still feeling nauseous and dehydrated, but the Chinotto with lemon made me feel a whole lot better.

Came home, talked to Bee, fell asleep.

This whole day just felt like a series of de ja vu.

I'm glad it's over.