Sunday, February 05, 2006

Typical Conversation Between the Bees

Girlfriend Bee: Do you love me?

Boyfriend Bee: Of course I do, silly girl.

Girlfriend Bee: But why?

Boyfriend Bee: Because you're my bee.

Girlfriend Bee: But I'm lazy and I don't study, and I slack off and I complain last minute, and I have bad temper, and... *Goes on and on*

Boyfriend Bee: That's okay, you're still my princess and I still love you.

Girlfriend Bee: Liar! You don't love me at all!

Boyfriend Bee: I love you, princess. How can you say I don't love you?
(Thinking to himself, I wouldn't be entertaining this stupid conversation if I didn't love you, would I?)

Girlfriend Bee: Really? You really love me?

Boyfriend Bee: Of course! 110%! Cross my heart!

Girlfriend Bee: Okay. I love you too. *Smiles*

15 minutes later.......

Girlfriend Bee: Do you love me?

Boyfriend Bee: .................