Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Going to the Theatre

We've just booked the tickets to see Lion King at the Regent Theatre, which is like half a block from my apartment.

Wen's cousin, Al, is coming from Canberra next Tuesday for a business trip. The 3 of us have been talking about watching the musical before it even starting showing Melbourne.

Al is bringing his new girlfriend with him and they're going back to Canberra next Saturday. The initial plan was to watch it on Friday, but the tickets were sold out, so I guess we'll have to watch it on Thursday night.

My Board exam is on next Tuesday, 7 February 2006, at 11am. The result will then be released through phone after 3pm on Thursday, 9 February 2006. This time, we're supposed to ring the Board to find out our results.

I was a bit reluctant about going to the theatre on the same day I'll be getting my result. God forbid, if I don't pass, I might not be in the best mood to entertain. Or to be entertained, for that matter.

But maybe it's a good thing. Everything happens for a reason, so maybe the musical can provide some much needed distraction if I'm in a foul mood next Thursday.

So it's done. We're going to watch the infamous broadway musical next week, and I get to wear my new Pilgrim cocktail dress.

At least now I have something to look forward to.

(But why doesn't it make me feel any better?)