Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Mine was dull.

I had Italian dinner with Wen and her flatmate, before caught the new movie - Casanova.

The movie was meant to be a joke, and turned out, it really was. It was so boring that all 3 of us nearly fell asleep in the cinema.

Everyone's surprised that I didn't get any roses this year, because Bee is well known for sending me flowers even for the most insignificant occasions.

I am to be blamed for ruining his infamous reputation, actually.

I told the sweet guy that I don't want any flowers this year. With me moving out and all, those flowers will just be an extra item to pack.

We didn't even get each other presents this year. But he promised me that we'll have our own Valentine's Day when I'm back in KL.

It better be a good one, that's all I'm saying. :D

2 left a petal:

cK said...

oh...can post comments already? I remember I visited your blog last week and the comment box was disabled..

I almost forgot about V-day jz now until my usual dinner group members brought in champagne....hehe

MisSmall said...

Chin Kian: Yeah, I disabled it a while ago. But now it's back. :)

I didn't even have champagne on V Day, only 'cheesy' Italian food. :P

Hope yours was fun.