Sunday, January 30, 2011


Melbourne is sweltering through a heatwave today with temperatures topping 40°C.

Coincidentally, it's both the championship match of Australian Open today, and the Big Day Out 2011.

Also, my rostered Sunday to work.

My 2-weeks break starts tomorrow though, so I ain't complaining. *Grins*

While I was stuck at work trying to tie up loose ends before my holidays, Bee headed to the city to do some damage control to calm his neurotic wife's nerves.

First, he went to David Jones' furniture department about the tears in the fabric underneath our new sofa.

The nice sales rep, who sold us the sofa in the first place, reassured him that it's actually a very small problem and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. He believes that the fabric might have been accidentally ripped in the process of transportation or due to manhandling while it was still in packaging.

So I guess the deliverymen weren't as careful as we thought they were, even with the notice of specific instructions pasted all over the packaging of the sofa. :|

Anyway, we were also assured that it's an issue that can be easily taken care. The sales rep will contact the sofa manufacturer on behalf of us and ask them to send down someone to replace the whole piece of fabric underneath the sofa.

Apparently it's an easy and painless process that can be done quickly on the spot, in our living room, which I'm REALLY glad about because I seriously don't trust anyone else to handle my Marcus anymore.

Yes, I love our new sofa so much that I've nicknamed it Marcus. Feel free to judge me. :p

The only thing is, it might take the sofa manufacturer 1-2 weeks to schedule an appointment. Now, THAT I'm worried about.

After learning (the hard way, might I add) that people can be shockingly incompetent in doing their jobs, these days it's hard for me to trust anyone to do anything properly.

But I didn't want to be unreasonable. I might have a typical uptight type A personality, but I'm definitely not a difficult and pushy person.

So when Bee called me from the store to ask if I was comfortable with the arrangement, I simply said yes.

I guess I'll just try to relax, give people the benefit of doubts and trust that they will do a decent job.

A little bit of faith wouldn't harm anyone, but I sure hope that it doesn't go wasted. After all, there isn't plenty of those where it came from. :|

Bee also went to Myers on Bourke Street to pick up the Royal Doulton plates that have been reserved for me. Oh isn't he such a sweet darling? *Muacks!*

We were supposed to run a few errands after I finished work, but it was seriously too hot out so we decided to just go home instead.

Stopped by Officeworks on the way home to put on hold a few items that Bee wanted, then off to Grand Tofu to get our usual takeaways. Seriously, we go to that place so often that I think we deserve a VIP card.

Stayed in to watch the men's final for Australia Open 2011 - Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic - with our Malaysian food takeouts and ice cold lemon lime bitters.

It was such an underwhelming match that I think I enjoyed my char kuey teow more than the game itself. And Andy Murray is such an ungracious loser! Couldn't he at least force a smile and pretend that he has the sportsmanship to lose with class?!

Oh the tennis world will never have another Roger Federer, just like Formula One will never have another Michael Schumacher.

Just my 2cents worth.

So at the end of today, there are still 2 holes on the fabric underneath the chaise of my Marcus, but I think I'm ready to overlook that and start loving it as it deserves to be.

I'm still a little nervous, yes, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone will soon come to redo the fabric so Marcus and I (plus Bee, of course) can finally begin our perfect relationship sans flaws and imperfections.

Till then, goodnight, my dear Marcus. Welcome to our home. :)