Tuesday, January 18, 2011


David Jones called and woke me up at 7.30am this morning about the delivery of our sofa.

You would think that the courteous thing to do is to call at least after 9am?

But I ain't complaining, just as long as my sofa is delivered on time and in perfect condition.

A friend of mine was furious at the deliverymen from a different sofa manufacturer for leaving multiple scratches on her brand new white sofa. She later made a complaint to the retailer (not DJ) for the sofa to be exchanged, but ended up only having the cushions with scratches replaced.

I think Linfox does deliveries for David Jones' furniture. I haven't had much experience with them in the past, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will do a decent job.

I mean, when we are spending that much money on a sofa, I would really prefer to not have the whole experience tainted by some people's un-professionalism or inability to perform their jobs properly.

Anyway, I booked in the delivery for next Friday. I like to prolong the anticipation.

Yes, I'm weird like that. :P

My new Blackberry Bold 9780 was delivered to me at work first thing in the morning today, so I have a new toy to play with this weekend! Yay!

Work was pretty quiet today, which I'm glad.

It's that time of the month, I'm feeling very tired and worn down, so I really couldn't be bothered with anything.

The weather has turned rather chilly again these few days. It's a good thing that I haven't stored our heaters away huh?

At the rate we're going, I think it's gonna be a very erratic summer ahead for us.

For now, I guess I'll go curl up under my favourite blanket and have a piping hot cup of tea while re-watching Sex and the City for the Nth time.

Stay warm, people.