Saturday, January 15, 2011


I woke up at 6am this morning to check and reply emails from Barneys.

The department store, not the purple dinosaur. Though I imagine it would be equally cool to receive emails from either of them. *Grins*

I don't even wake up that early on a weekday for work! Oh the power of the red soles.

Couldn't go back to sleep afterward, so I did a bit of online shopping while waiting for Bee to wake up.

Originally planned on staying in to get some rest, but the weather was too nice out there today, so I decided to head to David Jones in the city to try on the pair of Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin pumps that have been put on hold for me.

It feels like Bee and I haven't been to the city for ages since we moved to the burbs. It's just too dreadful finding a parking and all.

If only DJ stocks Manolos and Louboutin at Chadstone and Westfield as well huh?

To my surprise, both pair of shoes fit perfectly.

For a brief moment, I wasn't sure whether I was happy or disappointed. I had only planned on getting one of the two pairs, not both!

Oh well. You know what they say, when the shoes fit. :)

Seeing how my shoe collection has rapidly expanded beyond control, Bee suggested (on his on accord, might I add) that he is going to build me a real shoe closet in the near future.

I couldn't believe my ears! The shoe closet I've been dreaming about for years!

His only condition is, his Matrix boots (a movie prop, worn by Keanu Reeves himself in the first Matrix movie) have to be on display in the shoe closet as well.


I had my hesitations, believe you me.

But since I was already given the diamond, and now he's voluntarily throwing in the shoe closet as a bonus, I guess I should be able to tolerate a pair of Matrix boots next to my Manolos. Good thing they are leather too. :p

After lunch, Bee and I rushed to do a little furniture shopping.

Why is it that your budget range seems to grow proportionally with the number of time you spend looking for something?

Today, every set of sofa we are interested in has been quoted close to $20k. And that's just for a 2.5 seater with a chaise.

I guess it's a good thing that I have been lazy and haven't been doing much of furniture shopping at all huh?

There is this particular one that kinda stood out to us and I think we like it more than the others, but the price tag is pretty steep too.

In the end , we decided to sleep on it and see how we feel about it tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that no one snaps it up before then.

Oh decisions decisions decisions!

We left the city around 5pm while the city was still buzzing with life. Both Myers and David Jones are open till late for the sales period. Myers till 9pm, and DJ till 7pm.

But yours truly gets tired and cranky easily these days, her days of shopping till you drop are long gone.

We bought takeaways home and I took a nap after food. Gosh, I seriously feel like an old granny sometimes!

It's nearly 11pm now and I just woke up.

I think I will probably go get something to eat, take the laundry out of the dryer, and do some reading online before I go back to sleep again.

I have to work a short shift tomorrow, but Bee and I have more shopping planned after that.

Happy weekend, girls.