Saturday, October 24, 2009


I wasn't exactly in the best of mood when I woke up this morning, no thanks to yet another night of lousy sleep.

The annoying couple invited some really noisy friends over last night and they stayed till at least 2.30am.

Even with the help of my trusty Stilnox, I was still having difficulty falling asleep with people laughing like hyenas in the living room.

I guess my speaking up really didn't do much huh? Some people just don't get it!

Or rather, they just don't care about anyone else but themselves!

So after another night of scattered sleep, I woke up with a hangover-like headache and I was so grumpy that I was ready to throw rotten eggs at them

Looking like a grouchy ladybug with giant sunnies covering half of my face, I met up with Wen and KT for breakfast at a funky little cafe in Fitzroy.

KT came straight from the airport. He had just flown back from Sydney after a long week of conference and non-stop partying. His eyes were bloodshot red from too much Chardonnay and not enough sleep, mine immediately seemed pale in comparison next to his.

At times like this, I feel so blessed for being a girl because we at least have makeups to conceal the unsightly eye bags and puffiness. Haha.

We were also playing host to Wen's friend's husband, Y*, who had just arrived from Malaysia. He and his wife, G*, are migrating to Melbourne next month, and he's been sent to "survey" the territory.

I think I scared the poor guy a little when a very cranky me asked the French waitress to send back my organic spring water that was not only not cold, but warm! Normally I'd be happy to overlook it, but ya know, it's just one of those mornings. :|

After breakfast, Wen and I headed over to Chapel Street for dress shopping. KT decided to go home to catch up on sleep, but Y* tagged along.

Wen needed a dress urgently for a wedding she is going to, but couldn't find anything that she likes, so I offered to help her with it. After all, shopping is probably the only thing I'm really good at. :x

But yours truly ended up buying a Copper St pale pink chiffon dress from Swish when her friends came out empty handed.

Why is it that I always come home with more shopping bags than those people I go shopping for?

A clear sign of zero self control, I guess. *Sighs*

I had craving for Vietnamese phở, so the 3 of us hopped over to Richmond for lunch.

A good bowl of soupy rice noodles plus lots of deep fried Vietnamese spring rolls with crispy lettuce later, my spirits were lifted and I was in a jolly good mood again.

We continued with some outlet shopping on Bridge Road and I successfully picked up a pair of dress pants, a cardigan, and another pink dress from Review. There was a 30% discount on normal priced items, and a further 25% on already reduced stock.

(I think the same discount applies to all Review boutiques, including their stock in Myers.)

There is also a new (?) Sass & Bide clearance outlet where some of the jeans were on sale for AU$99. That's like 1/3 of the price I used to pay for their skinnies!

I'm not sure how long has the outlet been there since I haven't been to Bridge Road for AGES, but 99 bucks is definitely a bargain for a pair of Sass & Bide. There were only a few pair of skinnies (no Misfits from what I can recall), but lots of other different cuts.

I couldn't be bothered to try on jeans since I was feeling rather bloated after lunch and from water retention. It's that time of the month again. Ugh.

We readjourned back to Wen's place for an afternoon of reality TV series. I fell asleep on the couch after a mere 10 minutes because I was so drained from another bad night of sleep and half a day of walking in my 3-inch heels.

Y* told Wen later on that he thought I was really fun and funny. Well, I guess being cranky to the waitress, buying up a storm like a true shopaholic, and falling asleep on someone else's couch with my mouth open left a good first impression then? :|

More shopping tomorrow!

Here's hoping that there won't be more (than the two, aka SIC - Super Irritating Couple) annoying guests in my apartment tonight so I won't be a cranky bitch again tomorrow morning.