Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We had a Tuesday of beautiful weather here in Melbourne today.

The sun was bright and warm, the breezes were light and sweet, and the temperature was, though a tad too warm for my liking, just nice.

Nothing like the confusing weather we had on Sunday.

Still bothered by the decision I have to make, I distracted myself with a trip to the hair saloon in the afternoon to get a trim.

I thought it would help me to clear my head a little, but it only made me even more confused than before.

The new Japanese hairdresser didn't have a clue what she was doing! She was making so many mistakes that even a layman like me could tell.

Not only was my hair not properly layered, it is shapeless and lifeless. The worst part was, she even failed to style my hair nicely after blow drying, the way she did it was absolutely terrible and she put BLOBS of greasy hair products in my hair! I pulled my hair back into a ponytail as soon as I stepped out of the saloon! :|

Boy was I glad that I only asked for a trim. Imagine if I had gotten an actual haircut from her! @_@

And she was rude too. I haven't come across that many rude Japanese, especially in the service industry, but she was definitely one of them. Her attitudes stink of rotten trash, man!

My only consolation is that it was cheap. You get what you pay for, I guess. *Shrugs*

And if that's the case, I only have myself to blame for trying to cut the corners with my hair after I overspent on shoes and dresses over the weekend. :p

Though I'm pretty sure it was just my luck that I was assigned with a bad hairdresser, because most of the other stylists there looked really nice and professional. One of them did a fantastic job with a girl's Victoria Beckham-like bob which was so sleek and funky.

Or could it also be because I have long boring Asian hair? Hmm. :/

Oh well.

After my very disappointing visit to the hair saloon, I traveled an hour and a half (!) to KT's workplace to visit him. I needed some pointers about a certain area of work that I haven't had much experience in, and he offered to let me observe him as he does it.

It was interesting to see how he works. I've only seen him outside of a workplace but never in a professional environment. It was, um, interesting. :x

And during my brief stay, I "accidentally" discovered a little secret that he has refused to tell us all these while, so I guess that's the extra bonus to make my very long and boring trip there worthwhile. Haha.

We met up with Wen later on for a healthy dose of bitching session and cheap Malaysian food.

I think I'm gonna start boycotting Laksa King from now on. There was so much MSG in the fried kuey teow and pan fried pork dumplings that I was left to feel thirsty for the whole night!

So those were my two very unsatisfying consumer experiences today.

I comfort myself by thinking that at the very least, I got rid of the dry ends of my unruly hair and I solved the mystery of KT's little secret. Haha.

And that was my Tuesday.