Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I could smell summer in the air before I even woke up today.

Then again, I was woken up at 7am by the loud noises the super annoying couple made as they were getting ready for work. :|

And no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't go back to sleep after that. Geez, thanks guys! I feel so "honoured" that with every little choices you make with your lives, my life gets affected too. *Rolls eyes*

So you see, I was already pissed off before my day even started. *Sighs*

Due to lack of sleep, my head felt like it was stuffed with two tons of Egyptian Cotton and I was having one of those dizzy spells again. Trust me, I was NOT a happy person this morning!

But I was determined to not let the bright sunshine and warm weather go to waste, so I huffed and grunted before dragging my achy body out of bed to get dressed.

I had a long list of errands to run today, starting with a GP appointment during which she announced that she's decided to retire soon.

Real soon, actually. Almost immediately.

On most part, I'm happy for her decision because I've noticed that she's been struggling with things at work and her personal life for a while now.

Speaking of which, isn't it weird that my GP of less than a year chooses to confide in me about things going on in her private life when I'm supposedly the patient who needs help to solve my problems?

During some of my appointments, before I could even start telling her what's wrong with me, she took over and did most of the talking about her childhood, her school life, her family, her (many) divorces, her relationships, her stress at work, her recent vacation, etc. etc.. I ended up having to offer my advice and opinion as if I was sitting on the other side of the desk. What's up with that?

Oh well. *Shrugs*

I didn't mind though, and I'm glad that she's decided to retire now. I think it's a brave move to decide to step down and take a break from it all, I hope it all works for the better for her.

I guess the only thing that I didn't like about her retirement is that I'm gonna have to start seeing a different GP from now on, just when I'm about to get used to her, um, "quirks".

I just hate getting used to new people. Don't you?

I sat in the sun for a long time after leaving the clinic, soaking up the warm sunshine and vitamin D while trying to digest the news of her retirement and how it's gonna affect me. In the end, I decided that I wasn't gonna allow myself to worry about it too much, let's only think about it the next time I need to go back and see a different GP.

I let the small things in life stress me out too much, too often, and way too easily. And it's something that I'm working hard on improving and, hopefully, eventually changing.

So I took myself for a stroll down the streets and some vintage shopping, before popping by the post office to mail out documents for my tax return to my accountant and pick up Bee's parcel from ebay. It's a limited edition Matrix Reloaded collector's phone from 2003, can you believe the geek he is?! Lol.

While waiting for my prescription to be filled at the chemist, I dropped in to the small boutique that was supposed to order in a gorgeous coral rosette dress in my size to see if they managed to source one. It's been a week since I placed the order and I haven't heard back from them yet.

Turned out, they weren't sure if they could re-order the dress that I wanted, but they now have a similar dress, with similar design, in the same coral colour.

I tried on the new dress, but somehow it just didn't wow me as much as the other dress I wanted.

Though beggars can't be choosers huh? Since the original dress is probably a gone case now that the stock had ran out.

The new dress also came in a gorgeous shade of cobalt blue. The coral would be more suitable as a day spring dress, whereas the cobalt blue would be perfect for a night out with killer heels and bouncy curls.

I couldn't decide which colour to get, so I left it for now. I guess I'll either go back to get them both, or none of them at all. Hmm, decisions decisions decisions. :|

On the way out, I passed by the discount rack again and I spotted the same silky floral dress I bought last week! It's now nearly 50% off (!) and I was SO tempted to grab it as a backup since I don't think the material will last many of my rough machine washes.

The only thing is, I'm pretty sure when I was in the shop a week ago, mine was the only piece on the rack. Is it some marketing technique to play with consumers' mind? You know, to lure you into thinking that it's the last piece left so you better grab it before it's all gone?

I left the dress because the whole thing felt a little doggy, but on second thought, it's cheap as chips so who cares huh?

Say, would you throw your principles out of the window for a dress that looks gorgeous and ten times its actual price on you?

And that's the question that I should continue asking myself while I bask in the beautiful sunlight for the rest of the afternoon.

It's 28 degrees today.

Summer is not far away.