Sunday, October 04, 2009


I woke up with a fuzzy head and a massive headache.

I wasn't sure whether it's a hangover from last night's binge drinking, or just the result of yet another night of tossing and turning in bed.

I stumbled out of bed and into the closet to get dressed as I was already running late for a movie date with a girlfriend.

I'm sure I was looking worse for wear, but hey, at least I can once again fit into my skinnies without any struggle now that the water retention is easing off. *Grins*

By the time we made a mad dash to Village @ Westfield and bought tickets for the last session of Up at 3.15pm, my head was spinning like a top out of control.

Since we only had less than an hour before the movie, we headed over to Groove Train for a quick bite, aka my first meal of the day.

The waiters were cheeky as usual. I can never understand how they manage to have so much cheerful energy to entertain customers all day long, especially the one who's always cracking lame jokes and singing different songs as he takes your order.

Just like how they can never understand why am I always asking if they are still serving breakfast at odd hours.

"2.30pm? TWO THIRTY PEE-AM?!" The waiter in blue top and a silly grin tried to ridicule my request.

"Yes, I believe I'm allowed to have breakfast at 2.30pm on a Sunday." I replied with a straight face.

He shrugged and laughed.

But of course, they weren't serving all-day breakfast.

So I opted for some pasta with cream sauce that turned out to be too rich for my liking. I took 2 bites, and that was the end of it.

I joked that I was purely there for vitamin D by soaking up the sunlight having asked to be seated next to the window, and vitamin C from the 2 glasses of orange juice I gulped down like a thirsty camel before my main was even served.

Vitamin C and hydration is your best answer to cure a hangover, baby!

If, that's even the cause of my headache. *Rolls eyes*

When we went back to the cinema and showed our tickets to the girl at the entrance, she frowned and said, "Um, you're too late for the movie."

"Isn't it 3.15pm now?" I asked, looking all confused.

"Yes, but your tickets are for the 2.25pm session in Vmax?" The poor girl looked a little confused too by my absolute clueless-ness.

Apparently, we were given tickets for the wrong session than what we had asked for, but were completely unaware of it since we didn't check the time on the tickets!

Oh what can I say? Just another of our blonde moments, I guess. *Shrugs*

Luckily there was no more drama with getting our tickets swapped to the session we originally wanted, we only ended up missing a small part of the Pixar short film shown before the actual movie.

And the movie itself definitely made all the mini-dramas worthwhile!

My headache came back with a vengeance the moment I stepped out of the cinema, so I had to bail on dinner plans.

The very obliging friend drove me down to Box Hill first before sending me home because I was craving for mooncakes. I ran into the Chinese grocery shop, literally, a minute before they closed to grab some traditional mooncakes with white lotus paste and double yolks.

The craving was gone by the time I reached home though, so the mooncakes are still sitting untouched on my table and I'm contemplating whether or not I should change my mind to join them for dinner anyway.

Bee has nicknamed me a pendulum lately because of my unpredictable mood swings and erratic behaviours.

I guess he has a point.

My disrupted sleeping pattern might have finally driven me insane.

Now if you'd excuse me, I need to go take a nice long relaxing bath, and hopefully, I'll manage to get some decent sleep tonight.