Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Partly Cloudy

This is the super cute short clip shown in theaters before Pixar's latest movie, Up.

The short film named Partly Cloudy is produced by Kevin Reher, and directed by Peter Sohn.

Apparently, Russell, the chubby Asian-American Wilderness Explorer in the movie Up was based on and modeled after Peter Sohn, who is a Korean-American.

Jordan Nagai, a now 9 year-old (he was only 7 during the production) Japanese-American boy, is the voice of Russell, but the character with chubby cheeks and the stereotypical Asian slant eyes is the splitting image of Peter Sohn.

The story of Partly Cloudy took place in the stratosphere, where the cloud people sculpt babies and bring them to life.

I love Gus, the lonely and insecure cloud.

Especially since I thought he was going to turn all evil and took revenge when he felt rejected and betrayed at some point, but all he did was to unleash a brief thunderstorm and then begin to cry. Haha. It's cuteness overload!

He's so adorable that I just wanna pinch his nose and give him a good cuddle.

But maybe not one of those "dangerous"and defiant babies that he's master at creating. :|

And the loyalty of his faithful delivery stork partner, Peck, touches me deeply.

It says a lot to not abandon your friends even when the going gets tough, but to stick with them through thick and thin.

Or in Peck's case, sharp quills and electric shock.

Watch it, and be reminded of the beauty of genuine friendship. :)