Sunday, October 25, 2009


I bailed on lunch plans with Wan today to go shopping with Wen.

I guess we just got so sick of constantly having to work around everyone else's schedules that we decided to rebel and do our own things for once.

Why is it that people always think the world should revolve around them and everything has to work to their convenience? Why is it that when you are accommodating and easy going, people always take advantage of that and, eventually, take you for granted?

So anyway, Wen and I had lunch at Docklands and proceeded to check out the shops.

The weather in Melbourne today is the exact type of annoying weather that I hate with a passion. Next to sweltering heat and drenching humidity, of course.

The sun was bright and warm when the wind was icy cold, so you are kinda hot and cold plus sweating and freezing at the same time? You know, the feeling when you are so cold till you think your face and fingers are getting frost bites, but your arm pits are sweating under the clothes?

(Too much information ey? Haha.)

It's irritating and, um, deceiving.

And the wind was so strong that I nearly got blown off my feet several times!

It really didn't help that I was wearing a flowy mini dress with black tights and my new black patent leather pumps. Trust me, it wasn't an easy job pressing down your dress so everyone else doesn't have to see what's underneath it and at the same time, maintaining balance on a pair of new heels that you are still breaking into, all the while still trying to not look like a mad woman.

Oh the crazy weather in Melbourne!

Both Wen and I couldn't find anything we like in Docklands, so we headed back to the city where I picked up two silk dresses from Marcs.

I used to think that Marcs dresses are too simple and too minimalist for my liking, but I think they're slowly growing on me. And the material is so soft and light that it almost feels like you have nothing on!

(Again, too much information? Haha.)

I'm also lemming a few dresses and cardigans from Alannah Hill, but decided I should give my credit card a rest. I know that a lot of people are disappointed with her Spring/Summer 2009-2010 collection, but I still love her nonetheless.

After all, we Tasmanian gals have gotta stick together, ya know? :p

Wen and I had to meet a few old friends from school, so we quickly hopped over to Myers and David Jones for a quick browse before dinner. In the span of 20 minutes, I managed to snap up another dress from Review, and 2 new lipsticks from MAC.

Well done, missy, well done! *Pats self on back*

Speaking of which, don't you just love the fact that Myers and David Jones had extended their trading hours because of the spring racing carnival? At least now it isn't so depressing when all the shops in the city are closed by 6pm on weekends. :|

Dinner with the gang was at Kun Ming on Little Bourke Street, before readjourning to Max Brenner for dessert. We were laughing so much and so loud that we must be the noisiest table around. I think I laughed so hard that I nearly had stomach cramps at one point. Haha.

It was great catching up with old friends from school. There was this sweet couple from our year who are getting married in December. They are both really nice people who truly deserve each other, and I'm so happy for them!

On a completely opposite note, there is this other couple from our class who relocated to Perth a few years ago but we heard that they are planning on moving back to Melbourne next year, but well, um, let's just say that nobody is looking forward to that.

I guess that's the difference between when you are likable, and when you are not. :|

Anyway, it's been a fun weekend with friends, laughters, and LOTS of shopping!

Let's only worry about the bank account when Monday comes huh? :)

Goodnight, people. Have a good week ahead!