Monday, October 19, 2009


It's a Monday with bright sunshine and clear blue sky.

But my mood plummeted as soon as I woke up this morning upon realising that C*, D*'s boyfriend, decided to call in sick AGAIN.

Dude, just because you have a girlfriend now, doesn't mean that you have the rights to skip work at least one day at week! Geez, didn't you just come back from a 5-week holiday?! You can't be that worn out by work already.

Do you not know that faking sickie is a form of highly irresponsible behaviour, which is so NOT attractive and completely unacceptable after the age of, um, 12?

Do you not realise that by being absent from work for no good reason but simply because you feel like it, puts extra workload on your colleagues unnecessarily and someone else has to carry the weight for you while you still get paid for ferrying your girlfriend around or watching Japanese series at home?

Whatever happened to work etiquettes? Whatever happened to common decency? Whatever happened to ethic of reciprocity? Whatever happened to avoid doing what you would blame others for doing?

Or are you fully aware of all those things but decided to do it anyway given your shameless selfish nature?

I guess it's either you're so self-centered that you care about no one else but yourself, or you're not that important at your job anyway so no one else would even notice your absence.

Worse yet, all of the above.

The way this boyfriend and girlfriend team take turns to call in sick, or sometimes even deliberately coordinate to pull sickie on the same day, is making me sick!

Between them, they probably have more sick days in a fucking week than what I had in a whole year!

But honestly, I really wouldn't get so worked up over whatever they choose to do with their lives if it weren't for the fact that the couple practically hogs my living room (or the whole damn place except my room) ALL DA TIME whenever they're not at work.

Gosh I hope you both get busted by your superiors and he/she fires you for being such dodgy irresponsible asses!

Breath, missy, breath!

*Takes deep deep breaths*

Okay, moving on.

Because of how agitated I felt about the annoying person who has cemented his existence in my living room for yet another day, I decided to calm my nerves by re-organising the documents in the folders where I keep all the important paperwork.

I guess it's a little like how some people find cleaning or scrubbing the bathtub soothing?

Most days I avoid (or procrastinate) doing it, albeit being an organised freak, because I hate how my anal retentiveness takes over once I start and I just can't stop until I've done everything immaculately.

Oh the obsessive-compulsive tendency is exhausting!

Or maybe I should call them my "quirks" like Bree, from Desperate Housewives, does? Haha.

But today, I desperately needed a project to help me focus and distract me from the anger that was fuming inside my head.

Well, partly also because I really need to start looking through the tax return documents my accountant had prepared so I can sign and return to his office for him to submit the claim.

I ended up spending the whole afternoon crouching on the floor, sorting out paperwork I've accumulated over the the years.

There were papers spreading all over the floor of my bedroom, and with my deteriorating memory these days, I couldn't recall what were a lot of them intended for. Knowing how absent-minded I can be, I wouldn't be surprised if I threw away some really important ones but kept an useless warranty that is expired. :x

This little afternoon project ended on a hasty note when my back started hurting from hunching and my eyes from trying to read the printings that had faded on some of the documents.

For now, I'll just put them away assuming that all the paperwork is, maybe not perfectly but at least properly, organised and labeled in separate folders so I can call it a day.

Let's leave it till tomorrow to worry about archiving and indexing.

Or about people who are a pain in our butts.