Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I had the 18th lesson for my Secret Project Australia in the afternoon.

Instead of his usual sarcastic snide comments, the instructor finally had something good to say today, which is an encouraging development. I guess.

Here's hoping that it wasn't just a fluke, and I'm actually improving.

Oh well, we'll find out soon enough. I have back-to-back lessons for the next 2 days. *Fingers crossed*

The weather in Melbourne has been rather gloomy and cold for the past few days, which has put me in a kinda slow and lazy mood.

But what's new huh? Hehe.

Hey, at least I still have the excuse that I'm recovering from the annoying flu.

And please do excuse my random mumbling today, my nose is leaking like a drippy faucet and my head is all stuffy like it's full of cotton wool.


Bee and I have been married for 1 year, 1 month and 1 day.

So, happy being married to me, sweetie! *Blow kisses*

Off I go to make myself a giant cup of piping hot ginger tea and then maybe stare at the clouds for a little.

Happy oh-nine oh-nine oh-nine, everyone.