Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've had a string of bad night's sleep lately.

Especially last night.

I think I was (still am) stressing out because D* plus her very annoying boyfriend are arriving tomorrow, and I foresee a very LONG 4 days ahead with their now-bordering-on-infuriating behaviours around the house.

It's a good thing that I at least can start looking forward to Monday when both of them have to return to work.

But knowing them, they might just call in sick next week and shamelessly proceed to extend my agony. :|

I'm depressed just thinking about it. You don't understand.


So depressed that even 2 sleeping tablets failed to induce sleep last night.

And while still under the effects of Stilnox, I called Bee in the middle of the night, less than an hour after we hung up the phone, to ramble on and on about lots of things that I have no recollection of when I woke up this morning.

I think I might have asked him to call some hotel and book a tea party for me.

Oh well. *Shrugs*

I guess part of his job of being a good husband is to put up with my weirdness, errr I mean eccentricities. :p

On another note, I've also been having chest tightness and shortness of breath for the past few days.

It's either the early sign of me having another round of panic attacks, or it's because I sat on a couch that has something I'm allergic to but don't know about.

I sure hope it's the latter.

So I'm gonna change all the bedding and thoroughly vacuum the carpet today just in case I brought some of those unknown allergens into the room.

Then I have to get the documents and statements and what-not's ready for my tax claim since I'm meeting with a new accountant tomorrow.

Oh how dreadful!

Later on tonight, Wen is coming for Chinese takeouts and chick flicks on DVD. I need some company and cheering up on the eve of the return of the SIC - super irritating couple.

After which I plan on calling it an early night and hopefully, it won't take too long or too much effort for me to fall asleep tonight.

It's the last day of September, and we're nearly a month into spring.

Here's hoping that October has more great things in store and more happy moments for all of us.

Till then, it's just another slow Wednesday and another post of my pointless ramblings here on my very own Bloomingdale.

Over and out.