Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bloom Over Gloom

I complained to Bee about how I was caught in the rain on my grocery trip the other day.

You know, just because complaining is the biggest part of being a wife/girlfriend.

What did women do before they discover their gift in complaining, I wonder. Sew?


Last night, he proclaimed excitedly on the phone that he found a little present for me but, yes there's a "but" coming, it's so popular that it's completely sold out.

He refused to tell me what it is at first because he was hoping that they would restock in time and he could still buy it for me as a surprise.

But of course, after a little coaxing (and a teeny weeny bit of threatening), he caved and told me that it's an umbrella.

The Bloom Over Gloom umbrella.

What a cute name! And how befitting of spring huh?

It's indeed a pretty umbrella, yes?

But how do I tell my husband that I haven't owned a transparent plastic umbrella since, um, kindergarten?

And with the erratic weather in Melbourne, the sun could come out shinning like crazy right after the sky has just poured buckets, so what do I do then with this cute umbrella since it's most likely not gonna be able to shield me from the sun?

But yes, honey, it was a sweet thought and I'm sure would have loved it had you bought it for me.

(And so many other people obviously love it since it's currently sold out here at US$27.99)

The name alone cheers me up.

Bloom Over Gloom, how clever!

The description on modcloth.com says:

"Even if the weather is grey, your style will be a burst of brightness once you open this vibrant, floral print umbrella. Whenever it rains, simply grasp the twisted, black crook handle of this parasol, and dash between rain puddles with grace and confidence. The umbrella's translucent plastic will give you a crystal clear view of any break in the clouds overhead, but beware - this brelly's irresistible cuteness may leave you wishing for more rain!"

Personally I think it would have looked absolutely adorable on little girls in yellow raincoats and cute plastic rain boots.

Gosh does that mean my husband thinks that I'm still little?


Oh no.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.