Saturday, September 12, 2009


After nearly a full week of gloomy chilly days, the weather took a 180 degrees turn today.

What started off as a cloudy morning turned into a warm summer afternoon just before lunch.

Whilst it isn't exactly fair to say that we were caught by surprise because the weather forecast did predict a warmer start to the weekend, but we skeptical bunch are not to be blamed for having doubts with the dark clouds looming over the sky in the morning.

But hey, that's the beauty of the weather in Melbourne, no?

Where else could you see, on the same street at the same time, some people fully clad in winter wear while others are flaunting singlets and flip flops?

Oh you've gotta love it.

(Or hate it. I guess.)

As for me, I really wouldn't mind the occasional warmer days leading up to summer if it wasn't for the fact that I was wearing my new leather jacket from SABA for the first time today. @.@

Yessiree, yours truly was one of those idiots who decked out in her jacket and scarf today while others happily pranced around in summer dresses and shorts.

*Hides head under pillow*

Plus it was a completely unproductive Saturday.

Not only was I not able to tick of any of the tasks on my to-do list, I didn't even follow through with anything that I set out to do today.

First, I missed the inspection for the apartment in the building next to mine because the real estate agent was late.

Then Wen and I missed the movie that we wanted to watch because we were running late and couldn't find a parking space (damn the crowd in South Yarra on weekends!).

Next, we missed the breakfast serving time (which we only found out after our drinks were served) in this new café we were trying out and ended up having to re-adjourn to St Kilda because we had serious cravings for a full big brekky.

Later on in the day, our shopping plans went down the drain when I found out that the Alannah Hill dress I saw in the window display just the other day is completely sold out in the smaller sizes and Wen realized that the phone she wanted is out of stock. We stumbled across a pleasant book sale on Elizabeth Street, but couldn't find anything we wanted there either.

After failing miserably at our retail therapy session, I suggested to head over to Lindt Café for afternoon tea with sinful chocolates and macarons to cheer us up, but my new shoes were pinching my feet so much that I couldn't walk all the 3 blocks so we settled for our favourite green tea frappuccino instead.

I guess all was not lost since we actually managed to get a table at Starbucks on Swanston Street, which is almost impossible on a weekend like this.

And technically, that's the only thing I've successfully achieved on this bright and warm Saturday in spring. How very productive huh? :|

Oh well. At least it's the weekend, and un-productivity is perfectly excusable.

For now, I'm gonna lie down, put my feet up and enjoy the rest of this first warmer night in a long time.

Later, alligator.