Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been binge eating all day today.

On average, I think I've been eating a full meal every 2 hours, which is scary!

Even for me.

Last night, Wen and I shared 4 (full serving) greasy Chinese main courses, with the pot of rice they were served with, at our favourite supper joint in Box Hill.

Sinful Chinese food has always been our ever-so-effective way to beat Monday blues, but that was a whole lot of food for two girls with a combined weight of less than 200 pounds!

After the huge dinner, we even thought of re-adjourning to Camberwell for dessert and tea, but only decided against it when our sanity caught up to us.

Little did she know, when I got home, I actually cleared a box of double-stuffed Oreos all by myself before I headed to bed.

Today, I've been sticking my head in the pantry or fridge every 30 minutes looking for something to fill the bottomless pit in my stomach.

As we speak, I can't stop thinking about a huge slice of chocolate mud cake with green tea frappuccino, or a large bowl of pasta with lots of Parmesan cheese.

And this is right after I've just had my noodle fix from Laksa King.

Clearly, I have a problem. :|

I'm certainly hoping that this sudden surge of food cravings and increased appetite is only temporary, or has something to do with that time of the month.

Otherwise, I might not be able to find my waistline very soon!