Sunday, September 27, 2009


My social calendar has been so pathetic lately that the highlight of my week was either dinner at Shoya or dumplings at HuTong.

I need new friends. Friends who are interested in doing other fun things apart from eating.

*Rolls eyes*

On that note, I'd like to state for the record that I used to like HuTong before all the raving reviews completely (alright, nearly) butchered the joy of dining there.

Everyone knows how much I love good dumplings, but not as much as having to wait an hour for a table I'm afraid.

But if you're still interested in finding out what's the hype about, try to go on a weeknight when things aren't as hectic (lunch times are absolutely crazy!) and don't forget to order the fried pork intestines with dried chillies.

Of course, you wouldn't need me reminding you about the xiao long bao's since that's most likely how you heard about the place.

Some friends have complained about the service, but personally I haven't really had a bad experience at HuTong up to date. *Touches wood*

Or was I too scarred by the shockingly bad service I received at Pacific on Lonsdale that everything else simply seems pale in comparison?

Even the original Pacific House in Richmond itself feels rather pleasant these days compared to its sister branch in the city.

I've completely gone off the topic, haven't I?

If you find me talking a lot about food lately, that's because I've been pigging out like I'm storing up for winter.

Which in actual facts, I really should be trying to shed off a few pounds before summer.

But I guess there isn't much point to doing so at this very moment since I'm currently so bloated that I feel like a whale, no thanks to the annoying water retention we girls get during that time of the month.

(Too much details, ey? Haha.)

And that's precisely the reason why I've decided to lay low this weekend.

Forget about skinnies or mini dresses that every pretty young thing is decking out in despite the weather, I feel so puffed that the only things I feel comfortable in are drawstring pants and my trusty flannel jammies.

I wouldn't even wanna wear the new pair of sassy heels that I got on sale in fear that I might break them if I tried to walk in them. :|

Yes I'm exaggerating, but you get the drift.

Good thing that the freezing rainy weather this weekend has given us the perfect excuse to just stay in and be a slob.

It's been raining all morning and there's no sign of the rain stopping anytime soon.

And I remember having warmer days in winter this year than this. Aren't we a month into spring already?

But hey, I ain't complaining, I love the cold weather.

So I'm gonna go wrap myself in a warm blanket, drink a giant cup of hot cocoa, and maybe just look at how the rain drops fall.

Oh the simple pleasures of a quiet Sunday in.