Thursday, September 24, 2009


I learned a lesson today - it's a bad idea to do grocery shopping in high heels.

Yes, I'm an idiot like that.

That pretty much tells you how "often" I go grocery shopping huh?

Well, it happened to be one of those rare days today.

I needed to head out to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and a few other things, so I thought I'd swing by the supermarket on the way home for some groceries.

And because it was such a dark rainy day as I was getting ready, I felt the need to dress up to counteract the gloomy weather.

So I did.

I did my hair and makeup, picked out a cute outfit, then picked the shoes and bag to go with the outfit.

I spend more time getting ready for grocery shopping than I do for work, can you believe that?!

If you saw an Asian girl at your local supermarket this afternoon, looking a little confused in her sky high heels because she doesn't know which aisle is canned tuna supposed to be in, that idiot was probably me. :/

I thought, hey if I could shop all day or walk 50 blocks in my heels, I can buy some groceries in them. Boy was I wrong!

Half way through my to-buy list, I realised that it just wasn't going to work as I was beginning to fear the possibility of toppling over with the shopping basket and making a complete fool of myself, so I decided to come home to change the shoes before going out for the second time to finish the shopping.

By now you're probably wondering why are you reading such a retarded story of a complete idiot. Trust me, darlings, I feel stupid enough as it is. :|

But all was not lost.

Because of the little detour I had to make, I discovered a coffee joint that serves actual American brownies instead of the usual hedgehogs or lamingtons we get around here, and a new nail saloon that I'm looking forward to try out.

And now, the shopping bags are happily sitting on the bench top while I happily munch away on the (many) yummy brownies I took home to reward myself.

Signing out, your friendly neighbourhood idiot.