Sunday, September 13, 2009

Anjelah Johnson on Vietnamese Nail Saloons

A friend sent me this video link a while ago, and it's hilarious!

I thought she was absolutely brilliant with her impersonation of the accent and mannerism. I still laugh every time I watch this clip.

Everyone knows how much I love Russell Peters, so it's good to see a female version of the stand up comedian.

Better looking too.

(Sorry, Russell, you know we love you. Haha.)

Her reenactment reminded me of my vague memory about the one experience I had with a Vietnamese nail saloon a long time ago.

Yeap, just one.

Anjelah Johnson was pretty much spot on when she imitates how her manicurist spoke to her colleagues in their native language and laughed among themselves while shooting her the dirty looks.

I'm sorry, I'm Asian too and I'm guilty as charged when it comes to speaking languages other than English in the public sometimes, but doing so while giving someone funny glares through the corner of your eyes is utterly disrespectful.

Especially when you're doing it on your job, during business hours, in front of paying customers.

But it's all good. It was a fun experience.

Different, but fun.

Nothing that you can't laugh it off afterwards.

After you've decided not to go back for a second visit.