Saturday, September 05, 2009


I'm down with a flu.

Which is rather ironic since I haven't had a cold or flu all winter this year, but barely a few days into spring, the virus crept up on me like a freaky ninja in the fog. *Shrugs*

Been coughing and sneezing madly for the past two days. My nose is like a leaking tap, my throat is burning, my ears are blocked, and I'm so congested that my head feels like twice its size at the moment.

I don't care what anyone says, I'm blaming this on the erratic weather of Melbourne.

Sure Melbourne's weather has always been temperamental and we have all made peace with that, but hasn't it just been crazy for the past few days?

It could be all warm and sunny one moment, and boom, thunder and storm the next minute.

Take yesterday for example. It was such a beautiful sunny day when I had this sudden urge to get a manicure in bright hot pink to match the season, but before I could grab my purse and jacket, it started pouring like nobody's business. And the temperature dropped, like at least 10 degrees, without any warning at all.

So today, despite the seeming friendly weather, I'm staying in, with my boring nails *rolls eyes*, to nurse this annoying flu.

Lots of water and vitamin C.

A new box of Kleenex Eucalyptus 'n' Aloe too.

Have a fun weekend on my behalf, kids.