Monday, September 28, 2009


We had a cold and wet weekend here in Melbourne.

Most Melbournians probably hated it, especially with it being the grand final weekend and all, but I loved it.

For some reason, chilly and rainy weather seems to put me in better mood lately.

While most people find the cloudy winterly days bleak and depressing, I find them particularly calming and soothing.

And as weird as this sounds, cold rainy days lift my spirits exceptionally.


I know, I'm a weird child.

All that crazy hormones had probably gone to my head.

But the grey and gloomy weather with that fresh hint of rain in the air has always reminded me of London, and the little island I went to school in.

It reminds me of snow.

I re-watched You've Got Mail last night.

It's one of my favourite movies of all time.

I've only watched it for, like, a thousand times? The script is just really beautifully written.

It always makes me wanna run off to a country that actually snows in winter and open a quaint little bookshop.

A small, but charming, bookstore that also serves all kinds of tea you can think of, and the best scones and brownies in town.

A bookstore with one of those old vintage door bells that, as you push open the door to enter, it tinkles with the cutest little sound to welcome you, like a wind chime on a lazy afternoon.

A bookstore that always has fresh flowers next to the register, and only sells children's books.

I love children's books.

In fact, I still buy children's books. They're my favourite type of books.

I went to bed last night with the sound of gushing wind outside my window, but Harry Nilsson's Puppy Song singing in my head.

And I dreamt of my very own "the shop around the corner".

Small, delicate, and exquisite.

Then I woke up to yet another rainy morning on Monday.

It felt like the weekend has been extended.

So I put on my grey wool socks, just because Kathleen Kelly did in the movie, and found myself humming "dreams are nothing more than wishes, and a wish is just a dream you wish to come true....." as I poured my morning cereals into a giant yellow bowl.

Oh rain rain please don't go away, stay again for another day.