Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I had the 21st and 22nd lesson for my Secret Project Australia today.

It was my first double lesson.

It was also the first time my instructor thinks that I'm ready to handle a different, slightly more challenging, task than the same old routines I've been practising for the past 20 lessons.

Yeap, it actually took me 20 lessons, 2 months, and nearly AU$1k to make such small progress in learning to master a skill that comes so naturally to many.

Shocker, I know.

Imagine how bad would I be at it if I had not completed my Secret Project Malaysia prior to this huh? @_@

In fact, I was so stressed out about the new challenges in this lesson that not only did I not sleep well last night, I remembered the time for my appointment wrongly and showed up half an hour earlier than scheduled. :|

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, the lesson went a lot smoother than I anticipated.

I was taken to a somewhat different environment, which is the reason why I was so nervous at first, but the tasks turned out to be not as difficult as I thought they would be.

I still don't know whether I'll be able to perform those same tasks on my own, without the instructor's coaching, but hey, at least I survived today!

The instructor seemed to be pretty pleased as well. At the very least, he nagged me a lot less for the whole 90 minutes. :p

Like I've said, I've been getting more kind(er) comments from him these days rather than the usual sarcastic remarks. Wonder if it's a sign that I'm actually improving, or that his grumpy mood is. Haha.

His comment on my overall performance today was that I'm getting a lot better than when I first started taking lessons from him, but I still have my on and off moments, so the next thing that I should work on improving is to be more consistent.

Little did he know, I actually don't understand what the heck I'm doing half of the time. Maybe those are my off moments? Haha.

Oh well, we'll worry about that during my next lesson.

For now, I'm gonna go bask myself in the joy of successfully completing today's lesson for 5 minutes.

And the beautiful afternoon sun.