Monday, September 07, 2009


My skin started breaking out all of a sudden a few days ago.

Maybe it's the sunscreen that I just started using again.

(And that's another whole new story. Trust me.)

As we speak, I have this giant red pimple on my nose that I almost look like Rudolph! Arrrgghhh!

I tried to pop it, yes I did, which only made it worse. :|

I feel like a 15 year-old all over again. Not in a good way.

It really doesn't help that the flu hasn't really gotten better. I woke up today feeling groggy and weak, with dizzy spells like I've just had a really bad cocktail.

Or ten.

(And I haven't, Bee. I swear. :p)

The congestion has taken a slight twist that instead of my nose, my ears are now blocked. Still having runny nose and sneezing every 10 seconds though, which made the red-nose situation even worse. :|

So I guess I'll be laying low for the next few days.

Or at least till this huge pimple on my nose clears up.

Signing out, your friendly neighbourhood reindeer.