Friday, September 25, 2009


I had just showered the day off me, lathered on my new L'occitane Oraganic Lavender Body Lotion, changed into comfy flannel pyjamas with little stars on them, and snuggly tugged under a warm blanket when a friend rang last night to ask if I wanted to have dinner at Pacific House in Richmond.

I hesitated for 2 seconds before I said yes.

I hate changing out of my pyjamas after I've showered, I hate having my freshly shampooed hair smells like Chinese food, I hate how you always feel rushed at Pacific House or having to share table with complete strangers eating next to you, I hate getting out of bed after I've gotten ready for a night of DVD marathon, and the thing is, I already ate.

But I also hate saying no.

Not that I really minded though, she's always good fun.

So I jumped out of bed, threw on the first thing I could find, and headed out the door.

As usual, we over-ordered. The dishes couldn't all fit onto our small table that we had to invade the "border" of the table next to ours. :p

Half way through dinner, a girl came in with her boyfriend and as they walked past us, they stopped to say hi.

My dinner's buddy's face was frozen for a few seconds, like in the cartoons.

"What's wrong?" I whispered.

"I blew her off for dinner and now I'm totally busted!" She whispered back under her breath.

Apparently, before calling me, she turned down the girl's dinner appointment with the excuse that she wasn't feeling too well but the truth is, she was just sick of "babysitting" her.

(Again, long story.)

And for someone who's supposed to be too unwell to eat out and hence had to rest to home, she then bumped into the exact same person she told the little white lie to while chowing down greasy Chinese food like nobody's business.

Of all the restaurants any of us could've picked, we just had to go to the same one. How is that for a coincidence?

That's how small Melbourne is, I'm telling ya!

The funniest thing is, the couple was seated in the same row with us, and our tables were only arm's length away. Talk about awkwardness!

Needless to say, it wasn't the most enjoyable dinner we've had, but we ended up laughing so hard about this the whole way home.

"For that frozen expression on your face alone, it was worth getting out of bed for. That was priceless, man." I laughed.

Oh the silly dramas that happened to us!

Moral of the day: we need to come up with new excuses that can turn down appointments politely but yet won't come back and bite us in the arse.

Suggestions are more than welcome. Haha.


It's been rather cold here in Melbourne today, even for me.

The sky started pouring buckets just before lunch, and it hasn't stopped since.

I guess I'm gonna order takeouts, befriend my TV remote control, and enjoy a quiet Friday night in.

We're gonna have quite a few chilly days ahead, so try to keep warm, people, and happy weekend!